We have put together the following links and resources to help you keep your data and gadgets safe.

Take some time today to make sure you’re secure!

Updated 10/24/18: We have been working with some friends who have some security issues.  Their Amazon account has been hacked a few times, the wife lost access to her Instagram account and a few other odd things that have them worried. 

Nate has been working with them to make sure they are doing the best they can. There is no sure fire way to prevent everything, but there are several simple things to do to make things better.

Note: If you are trying to make sure your business is secure, the recommendations get more complicated. Contact Nate’s business Consistent Tech to get a free evaluation.

Slow Down, Be Aware

We understand this is a hard ask, but most security issues are caused by not paying attention. A click on a link, an attachment on an email and boom your computer is taken over. Since this isn’t always possible, keep reading.

Backup, Backup, Backup

As Nate always says, “One Backup is None Backup”. The best way to protect your data is to have a good copy. That doesn’t prevent someone from getting something you don’t want them to have, but it does make sure you don’t lose it.

To learn more about backing up your data visit our backup guide (

pick a unique passwordPasswords

We understand, it is easier to use the same password everywhere, but once any of those services are hacked technically they are all hacked. Once a bad person gets an email and password they have programs that automatically go to every service on the internet and try it. They have also added options that if the password was ‘password1’ it will automatically try ‘password2’ ‘p@ssword’ ‘Password’ and all common variations on the original password.

  • Use strong unique passwords for every service you use. It should be something like ‘cw6!6FqyY3Ly’ (LastPass automatically generated this) or ‘wildfanclockremoteblanket’. I understand that is nearly impossible without a password manager.
  • Use LastPass. There is a free version that will work great for one person. They have a family plan that is $48/year
    • The family plan allows you to each have your own ‘vault’ as well have a shared ‘vault’ for common passwords for the family.
    • You can install LastPass on computers, tablets, and phones. So you have all your passwords in one place.
    • It will also generate very random passwords for you and test all your passwords to make sure you don’t have duplicates.
    • You only need to remember your master password to get into LastPass (I suggest a random 4-5 words with some symbols as well)

Passwords are not enough anymore. To easily add another layer of security, most services off 2 Factor Authentication. A 6 digit code is synced between the service and your app. You need your password and your app (thus the 2 factors) to login in. Use Authy 2 Factor Authentication on any service you can. It is free and based on Google Authenticator. It supports most services and unlike Google Authenticator, can be installed on multiple devices.


Antivirus, Malware, Phishing, etc. There are all kinds of terms that we are scared with. Here is what we recommend:

For both Windows and Mac we strongly advise installing the free version of MalwareBytes and either run a scan every month or so or if anything comes up. There is a paid version that will automatically scan for you. We don’t have any experience with it but it looks like they have a version for Android phones too.

If you are on Windows 10 I suggest using the built-in Defender antivirus. For Windows 7 I would use something like Avast or AVG which are both free, but a paid version would be better.

On Apple computers having the MalwareBytes should be fine. On iOS (iPhones and iPads) you do not need any extra software.

We also strongly suggest Credit Karma for credit monitoring and freezing your credit.

Lost/Stolen Phone

On Episode 14 of the podcast, we talked about what happens when your phone is lost or stolen. The following are some links you will need if that happens. But before anything, make sure you have a strong pin/passcode and please make sure your data is backing up!

This page will be updated as we gather more resources together. It is a living page, if there is something you would like us to work on please let us know.

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