Episode 38: Flash the Cash and then go Apple Pay

Apps, apps and more apps
Apps, apps and more apps

We don’t mess around and start off with a “High 5” on the iOS App Store. Then we discuss some of the big tech stories this week. We finish up talking about the new page showing who Facebook thinks you are. Next week we will have a special Apple Event episode!

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7 Little Words – Need a great new fun word puzzle app?

One thing I will be doing on this site is letting you know what apps I think are worth a download. I will go back and get you some of the classics that make my iPhone better, but I have been spending some time with 7 Little Words lately and I like it.

It is an incredibly simple game, you are given clues and a bunch of letter groups. You then put together the letter groupings to create the answers. Once you have solved the 7 clues it is on to the next level. It is a challenging game that I believe qualifies as brain exercise.

The best part it is free. There are 30 levels and more coming soon, maybe at a price. Go check it out on iTunes now. Note: It is currently 14th on the App Store Free Charts.

7 Little Words is a game brought to us by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. who also created Moxie and Moxie 2. Moxie is another word puzzle I might come back to.

Side Bonus: I play a lot of Words With Friends and I think this will help me expand my vocabulary in a visual way.

7 Little Words[free] 7 Little Words - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Moxie: Free EditionMoxie: Free Edition - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. | Moxie[.99] Moxie - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Moxie 2[1.99] Moxie 2 - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

layPhone tip: See the little [] after the app name? That is where I put the price (unless it tells you free in the name).