Tech in 2013, respected sources

There is some guy named Mims that wrote an article titled 2013 was a lost year for tech. I am not going to give you a link to that, instead I will link you to three posts by three writers that I agree with much more than this Mims guy.

Maybe it is the eternal optimist in me or that I get sick of how negative and ignorant the internet can be, but I think it is always better to focus on the good.

The articles get a little deep, so I will try to sum them up in my own words. 2013 did not give us the elusive “Next iPhone” product that everyone seems to think we need. Instead, amazing technology is becoming more available and more usable every day. I think once we realize how we can utilize some of the advancements we saw in 2013, we will be amazed. The reason I am putting this article on layPhone is due to the fact that a lot of attention has been given to how much of a “letdown” the iPhone 5s was this year, I strongly disagree and I’m not alone. It has some pretty impressive new features that make it a big improvement.

So that is the short version, to dig deeper, try these gems:

1. Daring Fireball – 2013: The Year in Apple and Technology at Large
A thorough bashing of the original author with some great insights. Author John Gruber is a must follow in Apple/Tech news.

2. iMore – Nihilism, and why the tech press can’t admit to having nice things…
Rene Ritchie, another well-connected tech guy who is really in the trenches of how to report on tech.

3. GigaOM – Another good post from a highly respected tech personality, Om Malik.

Whether you get through the articles or not, let me know your thoughts.

Want the IKEA catalogue on your iPhone?

I like to think of IKEA as the iPhone of furniture stores, or something like that. Simple, beautiful, functional and the list goes on. Well now you can have the best of both worlds with the updated IKEA catalogue (yep that’s how it’s spelled) app, now taking full advantage of the high resolution retina display on the iPhone4 (and 4th generation Touch).

While I will admit that there is something about flipping through the catalog, this is definitely an adequate, tree-saving option. You can zoom on each page, bookmark pages or search for any word in the catalog. There is even an option to send pages to email, Facebook or Twitter.


IKEA Catalogue[free] IKEA Catalogue - Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Whats up with the new iPhone?

Photo borrowed from Gigaom

There has been a ton of buzz about the next iPhone coming soon. While no one really knows what is going on, everyone seems to be chiming in on the subject and it seems to change every day. Today I read a great summary over on Gigaom’s Apple Blog.

The article is titled the “What, when and where for iPhone 5.” It does a great job of describing just what the title says as of today Aug. 1st. It talks about what it might look like, what might be inside and when we might see it (new rumor today is October, it was August yesterday).

If you don’t follow Apple news closely you have no idea how many rumors float around so this is what is expected as of today and will probably change a million times before we have the new iPhone in our hands, which we all will.