Episode 39: Apple Special Event


Nate and Dave break down the September 7th, 2016 Apple Special Event. 

You can watch Apple’s video of the event here or read more at Apple.com

Rough Outline of the Episode:

  • Carpool Karaoke opener w/ Tim Cook and James Corden
  • Updates
    • Apple Music
    • App Store
      • 106 percent YoY growth
      • 2 x over closes competitor
      • World’s most popular gaming device
      • 500,000 games in App store
      • Nintendo Mario Coming to App Store
    • Education
      • Apple’s 40th birthday, committed to education the entire time
      • ConnectED
      • 4500 teachers, mac and ipad
      • Donating iPads to more than 50k students
      • Swift Playgrounds
    • iWork
      • Real-time collaboration
    • Apple Watch
      • #1 smartwatch in customer satisfaction
      • Jeff Williams
      • WatchOS 3
        • Breathe App
        • 911
        • Pokemon Go for watch
      • Next Gen Apple Watch Series 2
        • Splash proof to swim proof
        • New speaker shoots out water
        • Two new work outs, pool swim and open water swim
        • Gets more effective over time, algorithm, learns from your activity
        • Better processor and graphics. Adding GPS
        • New Ceramic model
        • New Hermes model
        • Nike partner
          • Apple Watch Nike +
          • Metrics big on screen or advance screen
          • 4 colors 
      • Original watch gets dual core processor, called series 1 $269
      • September 16 for series two, oct for nike + version
    • iPhone
      • Gold standard in smartphones
      • 1 billion iPhones sold
      • iOS 10
      • iPhone 7
        • Design
          • Jet Black finish
          • Black
          • Gold
          • Silver
          • Rose Gold
        • Home Button
          • Programmable
          • Solid State
        • Dust and water resistant – ip67 standard
        • Camera
          • OIS all models
          • f1.8 wider apature lense
          • 6 element lense
          • 12MP sensor, 60% faster 30% more energy efficient
          • Flash now has 4 LEDs 50% more light, flicker sensor
          • Image signal processor 2x throughput ISP
          • 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds
          • RAW dng files now
          • 7MP facetime for selfies
          • wide color gamut
        • iPhone 7 Plus
          • second camera 12MP also
          • wide angle + telephoto lens
            • optical 2x
            • shallow depth of field
        • Displays
          • 25% brighter
          • wide gamut
          • 3d touch
        • Audio
          • Stereo speakers first time
          • 2x volume of last model
          • Lightning Earpods
            • Lightening headphones in box
            • Adapter is in box, wow
          • Wireless Apple Airpods $159 October
        • Apple Pay
          • Coming to Japan, different NFC
        • Performance
          • A10 fusion
          • Four core CPU
          • 120x faster than original iPhone 
          • Two high efficiency cores 1/5 power
          • 240x after than original iPhone, graphics
          • Battery life is better
          • 2 more hours of 6s and 1 hour 6s plus
      • iPhone 7 $649 and up 32GB, 128GB, 256GB
      • iPhone 7+ $769 and up 32GB, 128GB, 256GB
      • Sept 9 pre-order/Sept 16 shipping 
    • Sia, musical guest to close event

As always, thank you for listening!

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Episode 38: Flash the Cash and then go Apple Pay

Apps, apps and more apps
Apps, apps and more apps

We don’t mess around and start off with a “High 5” on the iOS App Store. Then we discuss some of the big tech stories this week. We finish up talking about the new page showing who Facebook thinks you are. Next week we will have a special Apple Event episode!

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Episode 13: Apple Special Event


Apple had a special event so Dave and Nate recorded a special episode. We go step by step through what Apple talked about at the event and what it means for all of us.

If you want you can watch the video of the event on Apple’s site or look around at the new stuff.

Topics covered by Apple and Us:

  • 40 years in 40 seconds
  • Tim Cook addresses security
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Health
    • ResearchKit – Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Autism
    • CareKit (Available in April)
  • Products!
    • Apple Watch – New bands, new price.
    • AppleTV – It’s Great and getting greater.
    • iPhone SE – Updated specs in an iPhone 5/5s body
    • iOS 9.3 – New release of software that is better.
    • iPad Pro 9.7″ – Updated specs in an iPad Air-ish body

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What will Apple announce today?

The speculation has been rampant, my guess because Apple threw out their old iPhone upgrade schedule and people are getting itchy. While I don’t know exactly what Apple will announce, I do know it will be something amazing that I will be in line for!

The announcement is today at 10am Pacific time, coming from Apple Headquarters. If you want to be among the first to know what is going on I highly recommend heading over to Engadget for their live blog coverage.

Here are some of my guesses for today:

  • Their will be two ‘new’ phones announced.
  • One will be a very cheap multicarrier iPhone4-type phone.
  • The other will be new, amazing, and have me drooling in no time.
  • The new iOS5 will blow our minds with some new features.
  • There will be something else that people will be excited about too!

I am hoping to be able to give you a layman’s rundown of what you need to know this evening!

Note: I wrote this post this morning at 6am and just realized it didn’t post. I was off a bit, what really happened coming up next…