Episode 64: Awards, AirPods and Apple Park

We start off with a super vague discussion about the Oscars, after all we are the “most non-partisan tech podcast on the internet.” After that we go through the week’s interesting/important tech news while giving you tips and advice along the way.

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Switching Between Android and iPhone

TWIT hosts switch Android and iPhone for a month.

We have often talked about differences between iPhones and Android phones on the podcast. With smartphones most people have a preference between the two and have reasons why they use what they use. At Notnerd we recommend and use iPhones for several reasons but we wouldn’t be honest if we said we haven’t thought about switching. The data shows that there are more people that switch from Android to iPhone, but it does go both ways.

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Which is better? Does it make sense to switch?

Well over at the TWiT network two of their show hosts decided to switch for a month. Jason Howell co-hosts All About Android. Megan Morrone co-hosts iOS Today. Together they do Tech News Today, a daily news show. As you can imagine Jason is an Android user and Megan has been using an iPhone. They spent a month on the opposite operating system and have talked on all three of their shows with the experience.

If you are interested in what it would be like to switch over give it a listen. I watched all three shows and found it interesting but do want to give a few notes:

  • Megan admits on All About Android that she used Android until she started at TWiT two years ago, doesn’t seem like the best candidate for the switch.
  • In the iOS Today episode Leo makes several mistakes when talking about iOS, especially apps having access to the accelerometer and other phone data.
  • Megan used the Google Pixel phone, one of the few phones on the current version of Android, is backordered/hard to get, and costs the same as the iPhone.
  • Jason used the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s latest model.

Tech News Today 1700: (Switch starts about 20 minutes in) (Audio Version)


iOS Today 332: (Most of the episode) (Audio Version)

All About Android 304: (The first half of the episode) (Audio Version)


So what do you think? Ready to switch? Glad you are where you are? Let us know!

Episode 36, Betas, Blockers and Beyond

The "Mullet" Watch
The “Mullet” Watch

Nate and Dave are back in the same room this week. The episode starts off with some reviews of some tech that made our travel better. Then we get into how hard it is to watch the Olympics and Dave’s bad experience at a the movies. Dave is now using all of Apple’s beta software on his devices so we get into that and what is coming next. We wrap with some top stories of the week.

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