Episode 70: Excelsior!

iPhone Home Screen

We start this episode off with more side steps than the “Can’t Touch This” video. Then we get into a good discussion on phone apps and how you should lay them out. We talk about the important tech news of the week, introduce Dave’s Tip of the Week and finish with our Picks of the Week.

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Link: 25 Hidden iPhone Features

Math in Spotlight Search

I like to think that I know just about all there is to know about using the iPhone, but am always pleased to learn some new tips. The article below has 25 iPhone features that aren’t obvious.

Truth be told I did know many of these but there were a few new ones, a couple notes:

  • Any of the tips referencing 3D Touch only work on the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.
  • I really like the tips for conversion and math in Spotlight Search, I need to use Spotlight more!

The Link: Boy Genius Report – 25 hidden iPhone features that are really, truly hidden