Episode 7: Get Your Pants On

We finally get around to discussing Apple’s latest earnings report including why you shouldn’t take our advice on stocks and why Apple is going to be just fine. Next a good reminder of why you should just take your broken iPhone or device to Apple for repairs. After some follow-up on the Super Bowl and password managers we continue our discussion on cutting the cord. Stick around to the end for an exciting ‘low-5’ segment.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 7: Get Your Pants On

  1. Oi! From the Southern Hemisphere!
    I really appreciate the way you guys boil down the tech and just give us the stewed meat that makes our life so much better.

    During the discussion of ‘Cutting the Cord’ Dave mentioned that when he gets rich he and and his wife will get a recording device for the TV. I want to share with you guys my successful use of the Raspberry Pi. Go check it out. Only like $35 or so.

    My wife and I cut the cord after we moved to Australia, and we did ‘reinvent’ ourselves in a way. Yes we are those people that ‘don’t watch TV’.
    But we really do. Just when we want and how we want.
    The Raspberry Pi records to a hard drive that I plugged into it (sold separately). I use it as a component to my TV entertainment system with HDMI out to our TV. However we use it more often with my MBP by tapping into the recorded shows on the HDD through wi-fi since the Pi has the RJ-45 port and is connected to my wireless router.

    Make it happen bros!

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