What happened to layPhone?

Needless to say the site has been a little quiet as of late. No, I haven’t stopped being obsessed with my iPhone, I just have been a little busy with a few things. In this new year I am committed to getting back on the blogging train and have a plethora of great iPhone tips to share with you all. Wondering what has been keeping me busy? Probably not but I will share any ways…

1. Work – I won’t get into this any deeper since it is a family blog, let’s just say my New Year’s resolution is to work a 40 hour week.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Those that know me, know that over the last few years I have spent an unreal amount of time on the franchise. While the newest installment hasn’t seen me as much as the previous two, my rare spare time has been partially consumed on this gem.

3. Plants vs. Zombies – I held out on this iPhone classic for a long time, when I finally downloaded it, I was addicted. I have broken the addiction after finishing a good portion, but I highly recommend giving it a try.

So there you go, a long, guilt-filled post about why I have let you down, now I will get back to getting you equipped for a better iPhone experience.

What is Foursquare?

My friend Paul (@Crazyblazerfan) follows me (@netback, @layPhone, @mmtank) on Twitter and finally asked me the other day what in the world Foursquare was and why I always have tweets about it. Foursquare is a social check-in service which lets you and your friends let each other know what you are up to and where you are at. They recently reached the 10 million user mark (I was #506,620) and continues to grow.

Basically you open the app on your iPhone (or almost any smartphone) and it looks for locations near you. It will pull up businesses, parks or just about anything that is into their database. It will also let you add places that don’t show up, like I did for my house. Once you find the place you are you can add a quick note about what you are doing, a picture or a tip for other people who might visit in the future. Then you hit check-in.

Now here is the fun part. You get points for each check-in. The basic check-in is 1 pt. and I think I have gotten up to 9 pts. for a single check-in. It is based on whether you have been there before, if your friends have been there, etc. You can also become the mayor of a place if you visit there often. There are also badges that you unlock for various adventures. They also have an explore section to find places around you that people have visited.

It is a fun little service that I definitely enjoy using. It is interesting to see what my friends are up to or if any one else has checked in where I am at. I have mine connected to Twitter but when I am checking in it is very easy to not tweet it or not even share it with friends if you just want the points (think gas station).

foursquare [free] foursquare - foursquare

What, you haven’t heard of Angry Birds?

Let me just say if you haven’t heard of Angry Birds from Rovio, you probably don’t have an iPhone (or most smartphones) or a TV or the internet. According to the Wikipedia article (linked for further reading) over 12 million copies have been sold for iOS alone. There is also a holiday version, a version to go with the movie Rio, toys, movie talks, etc. You have to check out this video too…

So why am I writing about this game? It falls under the category of huge time waster filler for me. It is a very simple game, you have a slingshot to flick birds towards pigs who have stolen your eggs. Sounds dumb? Try it, there is a free version for each version, and let me know if you can put it down.

The goal is to eliminate all of the pigs on each level. But there is more to it, you get points for how much destruction you cause and based on how many points you get 1 to 3 stars (I have 3 stars on all of the current levels, if you need help ask me or Google it for help videos). There are also Golden Eggs to earn for various achievements. They are always coming out with new levels and versions so the game play is constantly changing.

It is hugely entertaining, well developed and highly addicting. I could go on about this game for days but I will stop, if you don’t have it at least try it because it is the most popular iPhone game there is.

Angry Birds Free Angry Birds Free - Rovio Mobile Ltd. | Angry Birds[.99] Angry Birds - Clickgamer.com
Seasons Free Angry Birds Seasons Free - Rovio Mobile Ltd. | Seasons[.99] Angry Birds Seasons - Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Rio Free Angry Birds Rio Free - Rovio Mobile Ltd. | Rio[.99] Angry Birds Rio - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

7 Little Words – Need a great new fun word puzzle app?

One thing I will be doing on this site is letting you know what apps I think are worth a download. I will go back and get you some of the classics that make my iPhone better, but I have been spending some time with 7 Little Words lately and I like it.

It is an incredibly simple game, you are given clues and a bunch of letter groups. You then put together the letter groupings to create the answers. Once you have solved the 7 clues it is on to the next level. It is a challenging game that I believe qualifies as brain exercise.

The best part it is free. There are 30 levels and more coming soon, maybe at a price. Go check it out on iTunes now. Note: It is currently 14th on the App Store Free Charts.

7 Little Words is a game brought to us by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. who also created Moxie and Moxie 2. Moxie is another word puzzle I might come back to.

Side Bonus: I play a lot of Words With Friends and I think this will help me expand my vocabulary in a visual way.

7 Little Words[free] 7 Little Words - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Moxie: Free EditionMoxie: Free Edition - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. | Moxie[.99] Moxie - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Moxie 2[1.99] Moxie 2 - Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

layPhone tip: See the little [] after the app name? That is where I put the price (unless it tells you free in the name).